I Ain’t Dead, Bitches.

I’m still around, still writing.

Jac, I’m still confused at exactly what it is or ISN’T I’m supposed to be doing with your super secret friend RPG project.

We can pretty much scrap that old schedule, as it clearly didn’t happen. I’d explain why, but, frankly, it’s not worth the effort.

I’ve recently reconnected with a creative force from projects long past dead, and we’re spitballin’ on something, that, if, we get it rolling would be full of the whatthefuckery™.

A lead into said project that I’ve been putting scant words to is for a character called “Bullet Magnet.” I’ll just let that simmer for a bit. It would be full of war-time goodness (sans Depp), time travel, JFK and THE APOCALYPSE!!!

…and maybe, if you’re lucky, birthday cake.

3 thoughts on “I Ain’t Dead, Bitches.

  1. I thought you were dead, sir…and/or gone to Korea.

    RPG project is still go but it’s a bit all over the place. I’ll email you some stuff one day. Actually, I really don’t know what I’m doing so you can be safe in the knowledge that some things have not changed.

    In the meantime, here’s a musique recommendation for you: http://www.last.fm/music/Bat+for+Lashes/_/Daniel

  2. @Jac

    Actually, funny you should mention this. Bat for Lashes is going to be in Seattle in June, believe around the tenth, and she’ll be playing in a venue that had been kind of a underground hotspot for a long while (I saw The Pillows there!!!). Until it went out of business. Well, now it’s back, and I was thinking of making her my excuse for seeing what the new Crocodile was like.

    Keep me in the loop, man. I have your wreckingballroom blog ready to go whenever you want it. I was waiting to hear back on the computer repairs, or see you on AIM, but hadn’t witnessed either.


  3. I’m still living and or contactable just still sans my own computer due to money/laziness. Maybe I should log into AIM via one of the proxy sites one day – I would install the programme here on my wife’s laptop but I kind of feel guilty about it doing, especially as her entire second HD is now filled with my weekly TV show downloads.

    As for wreckingball blogs, I’m ready to go whenever the site is – eager even! Email me up and tell me if there’s anything I need do other than offer you my multitudes of thanks. I’ll also sort something out about the RPG project – I spoke to Er whilst you were away but it seems as though no one really knows the status of what’s what right now..and I think this is my fault…so I shall rectify this but probably not until the weekend. (^_^)

    Also: a.) yay for the Pillows and b.) do go and see her live and do report back. I’m feeling a real empathy for her right now as she comes from the same areas I grew up in and the way she talks about such places really rings true for me.

    Man, I hate nostalgia. I really, really, really hate it.


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