Gal Pals (who incidentally hate each other).

You don’t remember (because you don’t read this blog…unless you’re English), but a while ago, here, to be specific I dabbled with the idea of a pulp-styled heroine called Black Tar Heroine. Well, now she’s got a friend. Or an enemy. Or a frenemy (with benefits, assuredly). Meet (in name only) Suicide Blonde. Coming to a short story near you sometime before I die.

6 thoughts on “Gal Pals (who incidentally hate each other).

  1. We should get Munn, Jac, Ashley, and the gang to write shorts for a femme fatale/lady vigilante anthology.

    And call it Heroine Addiction ’cause it’s there and works better as a title than a character name.

    I’ll write Death Betty or Jane Donor or Maiden China or something.

  2. Re: Suicide Blonde

    I demand you try and fit in as many 80s/90s Heavy Metal references in this as you possibly can.


    I’m especially looking forwards to Hanoi Rocks getting some respect. ^_^

  3. @Jac

    *Girlish shriek*

    Good sir, I don’t know what the English call heavy metal, but INXS certainly isn’t it :P

    All kidding aside I have quite a catalog of characters based on 80′s songs. Man from Mars (based on Blondie’s “Rapture”), Suicide Blonde, Empire State Human (tall, tall, tall, tall as a wall, wall, wall), Tainted Love, Missionary Man.

    The list goes on and on.

    Not entirely an aside, Jac, I’m about as serious as a peanut and chocolate about Heroine Addiction and I’d say Kink, Munn, Ash and yourself would be the team I’d put on it. With some assists from Moses and Meri. That would be one slick book. So, when can we expect your bubblegum girllove submission? Heh.


  4. well, perhaps INXS is pushing it a bit.

    I’ll always felt however that English ideas of Heavy Metal are a tad more…quaint than the rest of the worlds. It’s hard to defend the chummy pub rock of bands like Iron Maiden in the face of Sepultura.

    …but I don’t even like Heavy Metal so I’m not sure this concerns me anyway. ^^

    As for fic projects – I’m there. Especially this concept. No questions asked. (^_^)


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