MUGSHOTS: Nurse Rhea Rhyme

Nurse Rhea Rhyme is an alien from outer space. She belongs to a corps of super-sexy humanitarian nurses dispatched to places of great catastrophe in order to help put the pieces back together and begin the healing.

CUNT (Concupiscent Unit of Nurse-Transients) – of which, Rhyme is a low-level officer – is a multi-planet ruling body and corresponding militia that assist the various member planets in times of great catastrophe. On Earth, CUNT have lent nurses during Alexander the Great’s conquests, and during the World Wars. Analogous to the Green Lantern Corp, instead of ringbearers, CUNT employs sexy females (Rhyme is a fallen-from-grace former lingerie model on her homeworld) from the member planets. The Corpswoman’s science/pseudo-magick ability to heal is tied to the sexy-armor they are given, but can only be activated by girls who are really freakin’ hot. The uglier the alien gets, the weaker her ability.

Chauvinistic? Yep. Sexist? Of course. Demeaning? You bet. Them’s the brakes, take it up with the creators of the armor.

Needless to say, Rhyme is smoking, making her one of the most impressive CUNTs based on raw power. There’s a problem, though. She’s not all right, she’s off her rocker. A hangover from her free-flying, careless model days, she’s got truckloads of inner demons. She self medicates, often resulting in uneven temperament and behavior. She’s wild, untamed, vacillating between crazy and brilliant. Her methods are often quick and effective but messy. She’s prone to simply sewing lost limbs together in ad-hoc fashion, and half-resurrections. She even has the reputation of accidentally resurrecting an entire dead planet as zombies. CUNT is still cleaning up after that mess.

She’s a nymphomaniac, often developing crushes on her undead-frankensteined creations and having romantic flings with many of them. She’s constantly sampling her ointments, antidotes and prescriptions. She’s messy and her methods are questionable. However, there’s nothing she can’t fix in her own way. She’s young, naive and self-absorbed.

She’s also a Tentaclist, having a tentacle fetish, getting hot and bothered around anything resembling one. She’s currently married to a top TV personality from a planet of giant squids. She must constantly broker deals to keep her infidelities hidden.

Because she is from a planet very similar to Earth, her appearance and physiology is not too far removed from humans, making her a prime candidate to come to the aid of Earth in the event CUNT is needed. Those slight differences are skin color (her’s is slightly green) and skin texture (she has patches of scales along her body).

She lives up to her name, mostly speaking in verse.

CUNT has provided her limited military training. She is decent with a firearm (when she’s not tripping), and rudimentary hand-to-hand combat. Her real talents are the medical-mysticism.

2 thoughts on “MUGSHOTS: Nurse Rhea Rhyme

  1. I’ve been curious if I’d ever see these characters again, and lo and behold here she is. This is a fantastic idea that I hope to see in play very soon, what all might you have in store for this Nurse of CUNT?


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