My Philosophy of Writing

Derrick posted his here and thus, being the ult-lemming that I am, figgered I’d give you mine. Not that it really is mine (or whatever that means). See, my philosophy of writing is something I stumbled across many moons ago as a fan of Tank Girl. It’s a quote from Tank Girl scribe Alan Martin:

“Never start with a clear idea of storyline. Instead, commence blindly, with a vague notion of trying to include a reference to your favourite band, gift shop, or chocolate bar.”

Yep, that’s about how I take writing. Which isn’t to say I don’t take it seriously, but some writers just try too damn hard.

4 thoughts on “My Philosophy of Writing

  1. Gotta agree with you about one thing: some writers do indeed take it way too seriously and practically open up a vein to write a story.

    A fan fiction writer I knew a few years back would always send me his stories to read and critique. He would write a paragraph or two and send it to me asking for details about this line or that line. My critiques would be longer than what he actually wrote.

    I told him to just write the damn story and send it to me when he finished. He replied that he simply couldn’t write that way. He needed somebody to let him know as he went along that what he was writing was good. He eventually stopped writing as he said he just didn’t have confidence that what he was writing was any good and he thought I was just telling him he was good so as not to hurt his feelings.

  2. @Derrick:

    I know exactly who that is, actually.

    And yeah, I think you know damn well that I invest a lot of stock and effort in writing. However, I don’t always think they need to be such sweeping epics.

    I quite like writing stupidity, draped in bright colors as a hidden away love letter to sneakers.

    I’ll freely admit that 90% of the time, I couldn’t care less for plot. I’m way more – and probably way too much – in love with exploring new styles of narrative, theme and concept to worry about giving a proper end to something. I’ll instead explore drug-fueled psychedelia in narration, stream of consciousness, cut-up technique and other sundry.

    If in the end the story plods its way to a proper end, then, bonus. However, most the time, if I’m focused on getting from A to B, I find it bothersome to experiment with the other stuff.

  3. This really doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand (I’ll post my peace on writing philosophy soon — as soon as I figure out what it is), but I just want to point out how wonderfully graphic that inverted blockquote style is. Hot damn, that shit is fierce.

    Christ, I’m shallow.

  4. @Caleb Kinkaid:

    That’s okay. Shallow’s not a flaw around here. Besides, you managed to use hot damn and fierce…all is right with the world.

    Yes, it is kind of out of control. I was going to change it, but decided against it.


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