Mad Tinkerer!

So with my pension for tinkering and my machinations to bleach dialogue of importance and furthermore remove it from my writing all together I might try something new with my creative process in yet another upcoming project. So what’s this hairbrained scheme? There’s two possibilites:

  1. Leave all dialogue blank and then fill it in with a collection of lines from spam email/comments.
  2. Fashion an entire plot around spam email/comments.

So what was the inspiration for this?

“Could we shave the girl fuzz?”

Figuratively speaking, of course.

3 thoughts on “Mad Tinkerer!

  1. Either of these options scares the hell out of me!

    You’re a braver man than me, sir.

  2. Ha ha ha!

    Either way sounds pretty brilliant to me. The former might be more fun, but the latter might make more sense. So…


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