Neville and the Argonauts

Let’s talk inspirations, shall we?

One of my perhaps more hidden away inspirations (but of no lesser importance) has always been the great story of Jason and the Argonauts. And why not? It’s probably one of the most magnificent hero tales every described. A young man, destined to be king embarks on a widespread journey for a mythical (and maybe non existent) artifact to undo even death itself. Along side him for these trials are a who’s who of Greece’s pantheon, myths and heroes.

It has endured for countless centuries and has found itself buried in a plethora of other stories. It is a story that is the predecessor to many others and is culpable for inspiring many more. Any ensemble “quest book” has got some Jason in them. Compare Jason and the Argonauts to The Hobbit, Fantastic Four, Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and you’ll find the them there.

I’d even suggest that, in a way, something like Justice League shows shades of the Argonauts. Just think, if Justice League were a comic book in Ancient Greece, who might be in that comic? Herakles, the half man, half-god adventurer; Achilles, the nigh invincible warrior; Atalanta, a fierce huntress raised by bears; one of the most powerful enchantresses in Medea; Sons of Zeus, Castor and Pollux (just to name a few). All people whom countless stories were told and all of them served as crew on the Argos.

So, what all is the relevance of this?

I’m announcing that I am scripting (though in my traditionally slow manner) not one but two books related to the Argonauts. In a way, I suppose. One of which you have already seen parts of…

Evening Tea Soceiety was a veiled working title for what is really going to be Tesla and the Argonauts. What does that mean exactly? Well, it might give you a few clues (while equally taking as many away). There will be a wondrous ship unlike one that has ever been created before. What kind of ship will it be? Is Tesla the creator of this ship, or is he the Captain, as Jason was? Like the Argos, it will have a crew large and varied, filled with larger than life contemporaries to Tesla, but who will it be and how many? We’ve met two, Tesla and Boilermaker (with another being heavily hinted). It will be an adventure quest, but for what? What could Tesla covet so much that he would assemble these legends? The Golden Fleece, perhaps? Is it even under his own desires that Tesla and the Argonauts make sail?

Second concept, I’m tentatively calling Argonauts: Remix, which would chronicle the tales of the original Argos and her crew. However, with that little Neville cross-fader and scratch. I’m basically gonna take the idea (search for the Golden Fleece) and the crew (while adding my own, of course) and husking the rest. The crew will embark on all new adventures across a Greece that, well, won’t be too familiar to anyone.

2 thoughts on “Neville and the Argonauts

  1. The Argonauts truly were the prototype for so much fiction. Their myriad of adventures has served as the blueprint for countless tales, so I’m glad you’re giving them a proper send-up. Or two.

    Both of your stories sound promising and, despite their similar titles and common creative influence, have the potential to be quite different. One perhaps being a bit more cerebral and the other featuring more giant sea creatures and mythical beasts.

    I had, once upon a time, planned to fasten a space series atop the Argonauts’ base. I event went so far as designating the starship the A.R.G.O., as it was designated for Academic Research and Galactic Outreach. I had also planned to fashion it as an epic poem, including all the tropes: beginning in medias res with the invocation of a muse/god and the statement of the theme, covering vast amounts of geography, making heavy use of epithets, the whole shebang. But, the site never got off the ground, so the plan got scrapped. Alack.

  2. I really do think that last idea sounds like a lot of fun. Not that I’m not enjoying/looking forward to “tea” but the “Argonauts: Remix” sounds like a Nevillian inversion of an action movie. (^_^)


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