Pushin’ Product: “The Man Who Couldn’t Be Stopped”

A quaint little story (“The Man Who Couldn’t Be Stopped“) of mine recently went up at Artifice Comics. The site ran a mini-challenge wherein writers were given a week to write 1,000 (or shamefully – in my case – way over) words about what drives a hero to take a stand; to fight.

I chose to highlight The Conductor and Trainwreck and what drove those two to take up a costume and defend a city. It’s a rather enjoyable story (as much as one only 2200 words can be). It’s in a style I hardly ever go for…rather Golden Age and not in any way absurd. I think it may show I have a heart, though. In case you were wondering.

Alas, if my name alone isn’t enough to sway you, there are five other tales by fellow Wreckingballroomer Jacob Milnestein, the very talented Ed Ainsworth, Brent Lambert and Jae Lizhini while also having a wonderful (and nostalgic) tale from Aaron Baugh.

Besides, what the hell else are you gonna do? Go read some words.

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