Plankton Info Diarrhea, Part One



Okay, so, last March (almost a year!) I birthed – and then subsequently aborted – a shared continuity world build. It’s name was plankton (all lowercase for hispter love). Why was it named plankton? Not really sure, it just was. With that kind of reasoning, it’s tough to imagine why the site is/was stillborn. That’s just how things go when I’m at the helm. However, I still find a lot of charm in some of the ideas and figured others might. This is the first public dumping of the information. Have fun…there’s a lot there.

In a nutshell, the project was an alternate timeline Earth, with a focus on various sci-fi -punk genres in mind. Writers would have been allowed to add, edit or otherwise screw with the whole timeline and write accordingly. it was ambitious, stupid, and ultimately daunting. Oh well. So much for ambition.

The Timeline

Stone Aeon (Stonepunk) – 10000 – 3500 BC

Bronze Aeon (Bronzepunk) – 3500 – 1100 BC

Iron Aeon (Sandalpunk) – 1100 BC – 476 AD

432 – A final blaze burns every last book in the Royal Library at Alexandria. Arson is suspected, and incident is concealed. Building is left standing, but never refurnished.

Candle Aeon (Candlepunk) – 476 – 1340

642 – Royal Library at Alexandria building, presumed still active, is toppled by the Byzantine invaders as a show of force.

812 – Chinese practitioners craft first fireworks as means to ward off evil spirits.

1120 – Having exhausted daily uses for gunpowder-ignition technology, the Chinese begin implementing rockets militarily.

Gear Aeon (Clockpunk) – 1340 to 1780

1498 – Cristobel Colon stumbles across supposedly unidentified land mass in search of India. He attempts to claim it for Spain.

1500 – The Spanish Siege is ended after a year and change. Colon’s forces are eliminated by natives appearing to have acutely advanced technology of Asian influence. Colon himself is executed.

Steam Aeon (Steampunk) – 1780 -1898

Tesla Aeon (Alternate Current and Dieselpunk) – 1898 – 1926

1898 – Tesla perfects his final coil, and markets his new alternate current revolution. Tesla’s Aeon begins.

1922 – Obscure fiction writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft is killed. Subsequent attempts to find any record of his existence were never found.

Atomic Aeon (Atomicpunk) – 1926 – 1959

1933 – Johannes Stark, Nobel Prize winning physicist, discoverer of the Stark Effect and noted Nazi begins a scientific feud with Einstein

1935 – Stark completes work on his special atomic-powered military armor, das Krake. A special unit of the SS – Krake-SS – begin outfitting with the impressive battle suits.

Sputnik Aeon (Transistorpunk) – 1960 – 1985

Cyber Aeon (Cyberpunk) 1985 -


  1. kink said,

    March 25, 2008 at 4:44 pm · Edit

    For the Stone Aeon:
    Man discovers fire. Burning of meat, people commences.

    For the Iron Aeon:
    I suppose we’ve got to mention Christ. Punk Christ? How might Constantine have benefited from the use of, say, water-based technology? I’d imagine quite a lot of pagans would stop mid-orgy and convert to Christianity if some manner of giant, mechanical beast, with the harnessed power of the aqueduct, told them to quit that shit.

    For the Candle Aeon:
    Would technology be blamed for the Black Death? Would it be seen as the savior? Personalized containment units? At a price?

  2. kink said,

    March 25, 2008 at 4:45 pm · Edit

    For Transistorpunk:
    Maybe call it The Sputnik Aeon? The space race would certainly heat up with added tech.

  3. utsukushuudreamer said,

    March 25, 2008 at 7:24 pm · Edit

    Re: technology vs. the Black Death.

    I think technology’s bound to be blamed. Anything dirty, anything cramped is going to be suspicious thus personalised containment units might be seen as going into the grave itself.

    Sidenote: Yay for Constantine I ~ he’s totally my favourite Roman Emperor.

  4. kink said,

    March 27, 2008 at 12:25 am · Edit

    Bah, Constantine. Nero was far more entertaining.

    Also: Beatnikpunk. Needs to happen.

  5. Nev said,

    March 27, 2008 at 12:35 am · Edit

    Beatnikpunk just happened. I don’t know where, but somewhere. Perhaps a foray for Black Kerouac.

4 thoughts on “Plankton Info Diarrhea, Part One

  1. I do totally think there’s still mileage for this massively awesome concept.

    Of course, finding time and people to make it work is another matter but this is far too much of a good thing to pass up, IMHO.

  2. @Steve Bzomowski

    I’m not entirely sure how my entirely fabricated world history which involves thoroughly disjointed technologies and the slaying of that good for nuthin’ Christopher Columbus will help with research but hey, why not?


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