mugshots: Prim and Proper

Tops amoungst some of London’s financial districts is Canary Wharf. The constant flow of currency an alluring fragrance to banks, economists and businessmen. To crooks as well. It’s nearness to the dire, industrial neighborhood Isle of Dogs offering the latter perfect refuge. A perfect illustration of such an element would be the two-man outfit Prim & Proper.

Prim’s a sycophantic dandy; side-parted mane, monocle, and a window-pane three piece all in crisp, pressed order. He’s not one to get messy, both literally and figuratively. Everything must be in good order. Gifted with great criminal acumen, charm, wit and a lack of conscience.

Proper is nothing like his partner. He’s a hard man, and a none-too-educated factory grunt. A massive, beast-like thing without an ounce of refinement. He lives for getting dirty. He leaves the thinking to Prim, keeps the bruising for himself. It’d be easier break someone than try to convince them.

They’re the complimentary odd couple, but, in more ways than personality.

You see, Prim isn’t just a devious bastard and Proper isn’t just a dimwitted brute. Both have other abilities useful to the other. Despite his massive size and complete lack of etiquette, it might be entirely possible to overlook or miss completely Proper. Provided it were in the middle of a riot. Not because he’d fit right at home in the mayhem, but because he’d literally disappear. A physical reaction to heightened emotions of stress, fear and anger render him increasingly invisible.

Meanwhile, Prim is Proper’s personal feeding tube. In control of what he calls “Waves of Discord” he can actually tamper or manipulate the emotions of others, generating, over time, greater amounts of chaos. Proper then becoming his leashed mutt, an invisible devil of a man, willing and excited.

3 thoughts on “mugshots: Prim and Proper

  1. New content, at last! I’m hoping this is the start of a trend — across all the WB blogs. We’ve all been slacking severely lately. Except Jac, who puts us all to shame on a constant basis.

    Now, for the topic at hand: the diabolical duo of Prim and Proper. I’m always a fan of using familiar phrases as a jump-off point for characters, and turning “prim and proper” into The Odd Couple of Crime is pretty clever. Prim’s description is certainly apt, although Proper’s is perhaps a bit more of a stretch. When I think “proper”, I don’t generally go to “messy brute”, but the juxtaposition between the svelte socialite and the buff buffoon is a good one, creating a strong visual.

    The introduction of powers through me for a bit of a loop, I have to admit. They’re interesting abilities, though. The big lug is rarely bestowed with invisibility, for instance, and that should give Proper a real advantage when it comes to wreaking havoc. Seeing a wrecking ball careening your way is frightening. Not seeing it is undoubtedly worse. And, Prim acting as Proper’s fuel gives them a natural reason to remain together.

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  2. Upon rereading what I wrote several hours later, that should definitely be “threw me for a loop” rather than “through me”.

    Alas, alack.

    I’ve got something to email to you, though, soon-ish.


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