Top Ten (75… ahem) Criterion Films

Inspired by a lot of the those “Top 10 Criterion Films” lists from directors, actors, writers, and whatnot that Criterion puts out I thought, “That sounds fun, I want to do that!”

The problem? I love a LOT of their offerings and like even more. As I was combing the list, there were a good fifty-five films I thought could legitimately make my Top Ten. Clearly this wasn’t just something I’d be able to choose right off with any kind of real accuracy. It would be quite an undertaking to come up with just ten, and would require a lot of time.

However, it makes for good exercise and reflections on films that I love. Might even give me an excuse to go back and watch some of them that I haven’t in a long while. Eventually, I’d like to get to ten, maybe even five if I’m feeling accomplished.

So without further ado, here is my Top 75 Criterion Films

  1. 3:10 to Yuma

  2. 400 Blows

  3. Adventures of Zatoichi

  4. Alphaville

  5. Anatomy of a Murder

  6. And God Created Woman

  7. The Atomic Submarine

  8. The Ballad of Narayama

  9. Band of Outsiders

  10. The Bank Dick

  11. Belle du Jour

  12. Bob le Flambeur

  13. Bottle Rocket

  14. Branded to Kill

  15. Brazil

  16. Breathless

  17. Le Cercle Rouge

  18. Charade

  19. Chungking Express

  20. Crazed Fruit

  21. Cronos

  22. The Darjeeling Unlimited

  23. Dazed and Confused

  24. Diabolique

  25. Double Suicide

  26. Le Doulos

  27. Drunken Angel

  28. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  29. Easy Rider

  30. The Game

  31. Gate of Flesh

  32. Godzilla

  33. Hard-Boiled

  34. High and Low

  35. Homicide

  36. Hopscotch

  37. House

  38. The Ice Storm

  39. Kagemusha

  40. Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

  41. M

  42. Man Bites Dog

  43. The Man who Fell to Earth
  44. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

  45. The Naked City

  46. Naked Lunch

  47. Patriotism

  48. Peeping Tom

  49. Pickpocket

  50. Pierrot le Fou

  51. The Pornographers

  52. Ran

  53. Rashomon

  54. Repo Man

  55. Repulsion

  56. Rififi

  57. Robocop

  58. Rosemary’s Baby

  59. Royal Tennenbaums

  60. Salo

  61. Le Samorai

  62. Seven Samurai

  63. The Seventh Seal

  64. Shoot The Piano Player

  65. Sisters

  66. Straw Dogs

  67. Stray Dog

  68. Time Bandits

  69. Tokyo Drifter

  70. Trafic

  71. Videodrome

  72. A Woman is a Woman

  73. A Woman Under the Influence

  74. Yojimbo

  75. Youth of the Beast

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