Plankton Info Diarrhea, Go!

Back in the USSR!

Back in the USSR!

Fifth in the collection of [too] much plankton info:

Welcome the Sputnik Aeon (and sundry)

So, first, I added another blip to the Atomic Aeon. Stark building his Krake armor (which, I think should endure even past World War whatever number we want it to be. Once we figure out what it actually does beside look cool. I’m that enamored with it.).

Next, should the Holocaust be World War II, or with the onset of crazier technologies in -punkdom, could it be III, IV?

Third, under Ian’s recommendation, I have made formerly “Something Aeon”, the Sputnik Aeon. The space race is just too cool. However, I think if that’s the focal point of the aeon, it should be the smallest of the aeons. It’s focus is pretty specific. Everyone else agree with restructuring a bit, to do that?

Lastly, anyone up for having the Soviets beat them lying United States folks to the moon this time?

  1. kink said,

    March 28, 2008 at 10:58 pm · Edit

    Considering WWII tech quickly assimilated into the various cultures of the world, making pre-existing machines that much better, it’s safe to assume the Krake armor will certainly stick around — in some form or another.

    The Holocaust could still be in the background of WWII, but the technological aspect may take dominance. Hell, the Nazis could perpetrate even more severe crimes against humanity with steam-tech. The prisoners could be walking/talking clay pigeons, moving-target practice. As horrible as that is to think.

    “Sputnik” has the benefit of evoking not only the Space Race but also the Cold War, which lasted through the ’80s, so a restructuring might not be entirely necessary.

    But, yeah, a Soviet moon sounds damn good. Their sickle symbol already looks like a crescent moon anyway.

  2. phact0rri said,

    April 12, 2008 at 6:39 am · Edit

    i like this. would be great if the whole US supposed “fake” moonlanding is uncovered.

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